Located on page 194 of the graphic novel, NewWorldRising, is a coupon offer for three premium comic books. Directions for submitting the coupons are available for ordering your comics on page 195. I will repeat the directions here for those without the graphic novel at their disposal. But, and this is a big butt, if you don't possess NewWorldRising - the graphic novel, you can't order the comic books mentioned here. And yes, you have to actually cut the panels out of NewWorldRising.

So here goes with the instructions:

Located on pages 7, 89, and 192 are the three panels you need to cut out of NewWorldRising and send them, along with $5 for each comic book, to:

JK Comics
PO BOX 421
Copalis Beach, WA 98535

and we will send you the three comic books.

The comic books are:


Postage is included for your convenience!
Free domestic United States shipping ONLY.
International shipping available - please inquire.