090204 FACT: First NewWorldRising review by Steven Grant in PERMANENT DAMAGE!

NEW WORLD RISING by Jerrod Kloetzer & Fernando Pinto ($18.99; trade paperback)
Mixed minds here. I love the energy, a wildly anarchic throwback to underground comics, with a band of fed up tough guys wreaking havoc on Aberdeen WA (best known as the boyhood home of Kurt Cobain, and, having been through there a couple of times, it doesn't strike me as much of a stretch to say living in Aberdeen could drive you to psychotically anti-social behavior) as they plow toward the greatest caper of all time... Read the entire review here!

081213 FACT: NewWorldRising is now thru the printer!!
The printer, who shall remain nameless, has finally sent the proof and JK Comics has approved said proof. That means coming at you now, faster than a speeding bullet, is all 200 pages of the glorious adventure drawn by the mighty Fernando Pinto and written by Jerrod Kloetzer. It will soon show up on Amazon.com, and, as soon as the solicitation is thru Diamond Comics, you will be able to pick up a copy at your local comic book shop.
Click on the BUY link, choose your edition, and grab a copy for yourself.